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Why most experts think share prices will keep on rising

Fears of a stockmarket bubble don’t appear to be putting off some heavyweight investors from betting that the good times will continue to roll throughout 2018. The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML) fund manager survey shows that a majority of investors are now expecting the peak in equity markets in 2019 or beyond. […]

Six red flags which tell you it’s time to sell

News this week that Carillion (CLLN) had gone bust probably came as little surprise to its weary shareholders. Last year the construction and support services group saw its valuation spiral from £1 billion to £100 million as its problems mounted. That was 90% value destruction for anyone holding the shares through what was a truly disastrous […]

Here are the listed companies affected by Carillion chaos

From the flagship HS2 rail project to the future of facilities management contracts and tool hire agreements, the collapse of Carillion (CLLN) has had far-reaching consequences across a range of sectors and industries. The company’s demise demonstrates just how closely intertwined the fortunes of many UK companies and, indeed, the UK economy are. The financial pain […]

Why oil is really rising and outlook for 2018

Oil industry analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood tells us why oil prices are really surging and what will drive sentiment this year. The oil price is up almost 20% in one year to 2015 levels. Is this sustainable? It is sustainable, but I’m expecting 2018 to be another bumpy ride. I mean the 20% we’ve had this […]

2018 ISA fund tips: Three ways to profit from emerging markets

The ’emerging markets’ moniker may be considered too broad for the set of disparate and complex countries it covers. However, Dan Kemp, chief investment officer at Morningstar Investment Management EMEA, points out that, viewed through a country focused lens, the lower returns that can be expected at the global emerging market level are primarily the […]

Pound vs euro: When parity becomes inevitable

Pound vs euro (GBP:EUR) Despite the war of the chocolate coins now becoming boring, recent movements against this currency pair actually illustrate a worthwhile piece of trend logic. Needless to say, it’s all to do with highs and lows, topical due to the snow outside! Similar to the pairing with the US dollar, something seemed […]

UK banks and why Lloyds is worth more

Spooked by Brexit uncertainty, European investors continue to give British lenders including Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) and Barclays (BARC) a wide berth. But, as analysts at investment bank UBS have pointed out in a banking note this week, there’s a price at which any investment is attractive. And they believe that the risks in relation to Lloyds […]

Gervais Williams: Top stock and themes for 2018

We asked top small-cap fund manager, Miton’s Gervais Williams, if he could only buy shares in one company, what would it be? Here’s his answer. What is your view on financial markets currently, specifically AIM stocks as we prepare for Brexit? I think the AIM market itself is very well positioned to provide an opportunity […]

Bitcoin and altcoins plunge as regulators circle

As Icarus would say – it’s what happens when you fly too close to the sun. Altcoins are melting down across the board. In echoes of the trauma that afflicted bitcoin before Christmas, a parabolic run-up in prices has proved unsustainable. Bitcoin, too, is in the throes of its steepest fall since September last year, […]