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Stockwatch: There’s underlying value in this short-sold outsourcer

Does this £3.2 billion engineering services group have intrinsic strengths to overcome weak sentiment, or is yet another example among outsourcers and utilities, to avoid “recovery plays?” Shares in Babcock International (BAB) has halved to about 630p in the last four years, despite a respectable trend in revenue, earnings and cash flow (see table). Buying the dips […]

How far can FTSE 100 recovery go?

Written 15 February 23:30 FTSE for Friday (FTSE:UKX) Market performance last Friday once again confirmed why our weekly FTSE (UKX) mumble is, by far and away the most read headline section, literally worldwide. As can be assumed, this is truly flattering but blooming terrifying also. Real people, real money, real responsibility! Friday is looking mildly interesting […]

Why bitcoin and cryptos are surging again

After stalling at around $8,500 and having difficulty breaching resistance at $9,000, bitcoin (BTC) has now surmounted that test to trade sharply higher at $9,700, up 15% in the past week, according to US exchange Coinbase. Fears about the impact of a looming clampdown by regulators around the world on the cryptocurrency sector are clearly […]

How to profit from a new era for UK equities

The UK equity market has recently danced to a beat set by two types of stock: so-called ‘bond proxies’ and ‘dollar earners.’ We believe this rhythm is set to be drowned out by a very different sound – and are positioning accordingly. The depreciation in sterling triggered by the EU referendum provided a significant tailwind for those companies that derive the […]

The Oil Man: Coro and RockRose Energy

WTI 60.60 +$1.41, Brent $64.36 +$1.64, Diff -$3.76 +23c, NG $2.59 -1c The traders took advantage of the better than expected EIA inventory stats to buy crude and the futures yesterday in what was described as a ‘thin’ market. It may be a dead cat bounce, only time will tell but maybe $60 for WTI and $63 […]

Is now the perfect time to bag this housebuilder?

Written 14 February 23:22 Galliford Try (LSE:GFRD) We received a few plaintive emails asking us to look at this lot from our trend perspective as ideally everyone wants to know where the bottom might be. The answer(s), given the days 19% reversal, are probably not terribly encouraging. In fact, they stink. Firstly, when viewing the […]

The Oil Man: Hurricane, Genel, Faroe

WTI $59.19 -10c, Brent $62.72+13c, Diff -$3.53 +23c, NG $2.59 +4c If only the Vampire squids had known how their 2018 oil price forecasts would have affected the market they might have been able to make a good trade out of it and resurrect their awful commodity trading performance, or maybe they did… As I […]

A beginner’s guide: How to become an ISA millionaire

Saving and investing enough money to become a millionaire is quite an achievement. But these days, thanks to individual saving accounts, it is possible to build up £1 million over less time because there is no tax to pay on income or capital gains. The ISA was introduced in 1999 when it replaced the share-focused Personal Equity […]

10 high quality growth stocks that rode out the market dip

After the recent bout of market volatility, it’s clear that some stocks were much more resilient than others. Even on the small-cap indices, which are more sensitive to market shocks, some shares brushed off the drama. A number of them fitted the sort of investment profile favoured by the successful fund manager, Giles Hargreave. So […]

Will the Year of the Dog bring good fortune to AIM?

The AIM Market (FTSE:AXX) As we enter the Chinese Year of the Dog, one (we suspect like every Chinese year) which will be blessed with luck and good fortune, a look at the AIM (AXX) market appeared a good idea. Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot not to like about AIM at present. It’s probably worth mentioning […]