The Oil Man: Range Resources

Range Resources

A flash blog this morning as I am on the move early doors for an interview and a couple of company visits.

However I know that patient, longstanding shareholders of Range Resources (RRL) will be most relieved to see today’s announcement from the company that indicates, subject to a couple of preliminaries, that the London listing will be resumed on or around 13th of December.

They will know the background, but Range has a large onshore presence in Trinidad which is enjoying a significant revival in interests at the moment. It has also recently completed the acquisition of interests in Indonesia and is on the verge of completing the RRDSL oilfield services business in Trinidad.

Range has a “busy work programme, low cost operations and material reserves and using its own equipment a platform to grow”.

Shareholders will be looking forward to the resumption of trading next month and presentations from the company after that.

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