Our top 10 fund tips from 2017

Our fund experts were faced with a tough challenge in January 2017: picking out funds that would outperform in a year of great uncertainty. Against a backdrop of Brexit negotiations still in their infancy and a new US president in place, we tasked the professionals with finding investments that would prosper. Let’s look at how […]

Chart of the week: A classic contrarian candidate

Is Randgold back on my ‘buy’ list? Gold mining shares have been a huge disappointment for the bulls lately as the metal price has languished. Many are saying the very recent explosive interest in bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies has diverted attention away from gold as a hedge against possible losses in equities. My personal […]

Brexit and the bitcoin boom

Sterling’s performance since Theresa May pulled off a surprise deal with EU negotiators has been lacklustre at best. That it sank below $1.34 tells you what the market thinks. At best, this is just the end of the beginning for Britain’s extraction from the EU, and the pound is condemned to track the ebb and […]

How FTSE 100 could ‘go all bitcoin’ in 2018

FTSE this week and GBP:EUR  In common with, we suspect, most of the UK, we’ve some doubts as to the integrity of any vaunted agreement between our esteemed leaders and the European mob. However, currency markets appear on the verge of taking it seriously. The immediate situation with GBP:EUR appears to be near-term moves above […]

ECB Seen Topping Up QE Once More With Short Taper in Late 2018

The European Central Bank will spend 2018 guiding its bond-buying program to a gentle halt as the euro zone benefits from the most-synchronized economic growth in two decades, according to a Bloomberg survey. Policy makers, who have already agreed to halve monthly purchases to 30 billion euros ($35 billion) starting next month, will taper them […]

China’s Import Growth Looks Likely to Tumble in 2018

The pace of China’s import growth is set to slow in 2018 after a boom this year. Inbound shipments will expand just 5 percent in 2018 after surging 14.9 percent this year, according to a Bloomberg survey of economists. Slower infrastructure investment, tighter monetary policy, weaker commodity inflation and high base effects are likely growth […]

Stock Markets Firm as Bitcoin Futures Make Debut

Asian stocks strengthened Monday after a quiet start, building on Friday’s bounce that led to a global rally, while investors also kept an eye on the start of trading in bitcoin futures. Prices for the volatile cryptocurrency jumped back above $15,000 as futures trading began on a Cboe Global Markets exchange and within four hours […]

What Happens When Central Banks Lose Control?

In the 1990s, because government spending and private speculation in Asia shifted into 5th gear, the “tiger economies” started to overheat. Certain industries and sectors known as “hot spots” bloated as they receive lots of money derived from foreign debt. Because they were too exposed to the international money markets, these developing economies crashed when […]