FX Focus: Trade war trouble ahead

Trade wars are once again on the lips of market participants as the US stands its ground on the exemptions put in place when president Trump first indicated his policy intentions earlier this year. At the time, the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminium were seen as growth and US dollar (USD) negative, given the […]

Are investors wise to ignore US tariff tensions?

Despite threats and recriminations from China and other global leaders, investors are actively choosing to ignore the trade tariff tensions, with global equity markets rising. The G7 meeting next weekend is now expected to be the main showdown for the issue, with investors hoping that the US administration will backtrack on their current stance – but they […]

Here’s how stockmarkets typically perform in June

A quick glance at the chart below shows that June is not usually a good month for equities. The chart shows the month’s returns from the FTSE All-Share index (ASX) from 1984; one can easily see the market falls more often than it rises in June. And when the market does decline, the falls can be […]

Important FTSE 100 levels to watch on 4 June 2018

The FTSE, and talk of gold too. (FTSE:UKX) We do not often discuss gold in our headline section, other than the odd big picture update due to the price doing something stupid or confusing. Well guess what, it’s proving stupid, confusing, and frustrating currently! The problem is the downtrend since 2011. In December last year […]

The week ahead: WH Smith

It’s another quiet week in terms of scheduled announcements, but this market is always liable to throw some curve balls. Monday 4 June Trading Statements Abzena, Tungsten Corporation AGM/EGM Vietnam Enterprise Investments, InterQuest Tuesday 5 June Trading Statements Driver Group, Gooch & Housego, Picton Property Income, KCOM Group, AO World, Altitude Group AGM/EGM Gama Aviation, […]

AIM’s top stocks vs FTSE 100

Anyone with a short-term perspective may believe that AIM is lagging behind the FTSE 100 index (UKX). That may be true in the past few months, but a longer-term view shows just how much AIM has been outperforming its larger counterpart in recent years. The FTSE 100 has risen by 12% over the past two months […]

Hollywood Bowl close to joining exclusive club

Meeting targets in 2018 By the end of the half-year to March 2018, Hollywood Bowl (BOWL) had already met its target to open two new centres a year by adding Dagenham and Yeovil, taking the total to 59, spread around the country. It’s added Swindon and Southend to its pipeline of future centres, refurbished three old […]

Bitcoin stable as crypto world looks to EOS success

Bitcoin has stabilised at $7,500 going into the weekend against a background of trade wars and government dysfunction in Italy and Spain. Whether bitcoin can begin an ascent from the bearish mire of recent months remains to be seen, with regulatory uncertainty still in evidence. On Thursday, for example, the US Securities and Exchange Commission […]

10 funds for a riskier world

Over the last months, the oil price has been volatile, trade war rhetoric has been running high, Brexit continues to weigh on the UK economy, and the global bull market could come to an end at any point. So now is a good time to consider switching to investment funds well-suited to a more volatile […]