European stocks nudge higher as Volvo rallies

European stocks edged higher Friday, but Spanish stocks were held back as worries persisted about the Spain-Catalonia standoff over independence for the wealthy region. Meanwhile, shares of Swedish truck maker Volvo AB leapt by the most in six months after a bullish earnings report. How indexes are moving: The Stoxx Europe 600 index SXXP, +0.22% […]

Greek Banks Face ‘Gangs’ in Bad-Loans Battle With Defaulters

When Eurobank Ergasias SA, Greece’s third-biggest lender, recently went after a “strategic defaulter,” angry protesters stormed the courtroom to block its foreclosure attempt. The defaulter, whose name the lender won’t disclose, had not serviced its loans for the last five years and owed the bank 4.85 million euros ($5.7 million). Over the same period, it […]

FTSE 100 still capable of breaking records

October has acquired a reputation for volatility and crashes. Indeed, seven of the market’s 10 biggest fall have occurred in this month. Avoid the banana skins, though, and it can be extremely profitable, ranking as the second-best month of the year behind April for equity returns. We’ve seen some of that volatility already, and chatter […]

Top smaller companies thriving overseas

The impressive trajectory of the FTSE 100 index (UKX) has coincided with a rapid depreciation of sterling in the wake of the Brexit vote. Large-cap UK companies derive around three-quarters their revenue from abroad, so this has been positive for blue chips. Smaller-cap indices, meanwhile, are typically linked more closely to the UK economy. However, firms […]

Nothing artificial about this smart investment theme

It could be described as the Space Race of the new millennium; it certainly shares many similarities – a two- horse race between global leaders with lofty ambitions of trying to achieve the impossible. In the same way that putting a man on the moon seemed beyond comprehension only 60 years ago, could we have […]

Stockwatch: A 6.6% yield plus capital growth

Does a 50% hike in quarterly dividends imply further upside at transport and support services firm Stobart (STOB), despite a roller coaster profits profile? And is such an expansion of payout policy secure? At about 270p, Stobart yields 6.6% based on an 18p per share total dividend, with latest interims raising the payment from 3p to […]

Five ways to harvest sustainable UK income

Since the financial crisis, investors and savers have seen meagre yields from cash and gilts, with rates anchored at historic lows. For investors accessing markets to extract additional income, it is more important than ever to navigate stretched valuations across many asset classes. Furthermore, investors must carefully consider the sustainability of income generated from equity […]

Where will FTSE 100 end the week?

FTSE 100 for Friday (FTSE:UKX) Having lived through the Scottish independence thing, we’ve a horrid fascination watching events in Spain unfold and suspect the worst is coming. Of course, we’ve kept a close eye on the IBEX and it starts to appear the Spanish index also fears trouble ahead. Currently trading around 10,172, should the […]