Britain will meet its Brexit financial obligations – minister

Britain will meet its financial obligations when it leaves the European Union, transport minister Chris Grayling said on Friday, hours before Prime Minister Theresa May makes a high-stakes speech to reset Brexit talks.

May, weakened after losing her Conservative Party’s majority in a June election, is hoping to move talks forward with the EU in a speech in Florence, Italy, on Friday. According to Grayling, the speech will set out the principles of a future relationship.

“It’s not about the specific purpose of where we might end up at that point in the negotiations … what she is doing is setting out today the principles of a future relationship, she is talking about how we move the negotiations forward,” Grayling told BBC radio.

Asked whether reports that Britain will offer a financial settlement to the EU are correct, Grayling said: “We are a nation that meets its obligations. Of course we absolutely accept that Britain has obligations … but what we are looking to do though, is not simply today to start talking about the nuts and bolts of negotiation.”
Source: Reuters (Reporting by Elizabeth Piper, editing by David Milliken)