EU/Mercosur: EU must not give in to pressure in trade talks

Up against pressure from the Latin American trade bloc Mercosur, Copa and Cogeca urged the EU today not to make further concessions in the trade talks when they start again next year.

“EU negotiators have already made a far too generous offer on agricultural commodities to the Mercosur countries in the talks. We already import substantial volumes from these countries and get no reciprocity from them. It is unacceptable that these countries are calling for further concessions to be made when they are still challenging the EU farm policies, continue using national support schemes in biofuels and impose taxes on exports on agricultural commodities. They do not have the same high food safety standards or cattle traceability requirements. In the EU we cannot afford to undermine these. Our EU farmers must be treated on an equal footing – there can be no double standards on the EU market”, Copa and Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen explained.

“Any further concessions would result in surpluses on the market, risking the collapse of some of our sectors, especially in beef and other meat, sugar and fruit produce”, he concluded.
Source: Copa – Cogeca