Japan October Trade Surplus Y285.385 Billion

Japan posted a merchandise trade surplus of 285.385 billion yen in October, the Ministry of Finance said on Monday – down 40.7 percent on year.

The headline figure was shy of expectations for a surplus of 330.0 billion yen and was down from 670.17 billion yen in September.

Exports climbed 14.0 percent on year to 5.870 trillion yen, also missing forecasts for 15.7 percent and down from 14.1 percent in the previous month.

Exports to Asia advanced 18.9 percent on year to 3.712 trillion yen, while exports to China alone jumped an annual 26.0 percent to 1.354 trillion yen.

Exports to the United States gained 7.1 percent on year to 1.281 trillion yen and exports to the European Union added an annual 15.8 percent to 753.412 billion yen.

Imports jumped an annual 18.9 percent to 5.389 trillion yen versus forecasts for 20.2 percent and up from 12.0 percent a month earlier.

Imports from Asia climbed 17.1 percent on year to 3.202 trillion yen, while imports from China alone gained an annual 14.3 percent to 1.619 trillion yen.

Imports from the United States were up 3.1 percent to 637.040 billion yen, while imports from the European Union gained 18.1 percent to 803.733 billion yen.

The adjusted trade surplus was 322.9 billion yen, beating expectations for 206.7 billion yen and up from 240.3 billion yen in September.
Source: RTT News