Squeeze On UK Household Finances Intensify In November

The squeeze on UK household finances sharpened in November, data compiled each month by IHS Markit, using data collected by Ipsos MORI, showed Monday.

The seasonally adjusted household finance index fell to 43.4 in November from 43.8 in the previous month.

A score below 50 suggests pessimism regrading finances among the U.K. households.

The future household finance index fell sharply in November. At 46.9, the seasonally adjusted figure scored below the neutral 50.0 no-change threshold.

Workplace activity grew further in November, while income from employment dropped marginally.

Households perceived fastest fall in unsecured credit availability since June 2015.

On the price front, inflation perceptions were the sharpest for three months.

Following the first base rate hike for over a decade on the 2nd November 2017, UK household expectations towards future rate rises remained elevated in the most recent survey.

Over 50 percent of households expect a Bank of England rate rise in the next six months.
Source: RTT News