UK Visible Trade Deficit Narrows In September

The UK visible trade deficit decreased in September, data published by the Office for National Statistics showed Friday.

The visible trade deficit fell to GBP 11.25 billion in September from GBP 12.35 billion in August. The expected level of shortfall was GBP 12.8 billion.

The deficit with EU countries totaled GBP 8.27 billion and that with non-EU countries was GBP 2.98 billion.

The total trade deficit dropped to GBP 2.75 billion in September from GBP 3.45 billion in the previous month. This was primarily due to increased exports of unspecified goods.

Between the three months to August 2017 and the three months to September 2017, the total UK trade, excluding erratic commodities deficit narrowed by GBP 0.1 billion to GBP 3.8 billion.
Source: RTT News